Supporting children with disabilities, their families, and communities in Creating Opportunities together.

We Believe in…


Establishing connections between families creates opportunities for real and meaningful friendships.


Providing encouragement for families to maintain a positive outlook creates opportunities to reduce the negative impact of challenging situations.


Acquiring knowledge related to disability, existing resources, service delivery systems and policies creates opportunities for empowered families.


Inspiring families to identify what they need and then taking action to address those needs creates opportunities for families to develop, expand and/or improve resources for themselves and others.


Equipping families to effectively advocate for themselves and others creates opportunities for families to take a leadership role in decisions that impact their lives.


Celebrating the strengths, unique gifts and personal achievements of the individuals who experience a developmental disability creates opportunities to build confidence and pride.


Respecting personal preferences of the person who experiences a developmental disability and their family creates opportunities to customize and maximize the effectiveness of supports and services.


Engaging families, community members and professionals in collaborative endeavors creates opportunities for families to develop dynamic partnerships.


Promoting active participation of the person who experiences a developmental disability in all facets of life at home, at work and in the community creates opportunities for personal success, stronger families and enriched communities.


Compelling families to be active and contributing members of their community creates opportunities for families to experience a sense of belonging and fulfillment as they influence positive change.

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